Assault Fire Beta coming soon!

Attention, soldiers!

Assault Fire, Level Up!’s newest game is just around the corner, and is now gearing up for the beta testing phase, coming really really soon!

The Beta Pre-Registration period will start on February 21, 2013 (Wednesday). Also, the Assault Fire Beta will NOT be having a wipe. This means everything you achieve in CBT is carried over! No need to wait for OBT to play!


Players will soon be able to try out our latest game’s various game modes (believe us, there’s A LOT), and the many different ways you can unleash hell in them. Between the badass Armored Mecha Suits of the G.S.D.U. (Assault Fire’s “counter-terrorists”), the Laser Generator Rifles, and of course the good old AK-47 and M4A Carbine, you’ll never run out of ways to destroy the enemy, wherever they may run or hide.


On opening day, the game will feature more than 5 initial game modes, including the familiar Bombing and Team Deathmatch PvP, plus the exciting Mechas vs. soldiers matches. PvE (player vs. environment; or, player versus AI) game modes will also be released on launch, pitting the players against invading hordes of angry cyborgs trying to take over their base.


The game also boasts a fun achievement system which rewards players with free Mission Points useable to buy better guns and gear. Achieve more to get more free points! The players also level up with experience and unlock skills as they progress; skills which provide useful stat bonuses to the character.


Included in the game is an extensive Clansystem, bringing tournament ladders and clan vs. clan matches within easy reach for those who aim to compete with the best of the best. Rookies, don’t worry! The game comes with a ranking system that provides channels for you to train, before you dish out the pain.

Be sure to stay tuned here at our Publisher’s Blog (and in our Facebook page AssaultFirePH) for updates on the game features we are excited to show off!

Meanwhile, check out one of the G.S.D.U’s “performance evaluations” of their Armored Mecha Suits in action from our teaser site.

See you guys in the battlefields, soon!

-Team AssaultFire

Posted: Tuesday, February 12th, 2013 @ 9:04 am
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