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New Maps, New Items, New Mode

Updates and Patch Notes for Assault Fire OBT.

Thanks to our awesome community of gamers, Assault Fire has quickly become the Philippines’ most explosive game of the year. We would like to send shout outs to everyone for being part of Assault Fire’s community and for actively participating in the Closed Beta phase of the game.
We are proud and happy to announce that your favorite FPS game is now on Open Beta and today’s patch will contain the following fixes and updates:


Translation fixes

  • We have implemented various translation fixes to further improve your AF experience.

New Maps

  • Maya Garden (Team Deathmatch)
  • London (Search & Destroy)
  • Storm Canyon (Mech Match)


New Game Mode

  • Ancient Altar (Survival – Normal) – Try out the game’s new Survival Mode and play coop with your teammates to gain EXP, GP and other rewards. This PVE mode will help train and prepare you for bigger, more exciting battles on the PVP modes.

Survival map

New Avatars

  • Rinvay for GSDU



  • Dutch for Resistance


Note: Nothing will happen when the Rename Clan function is used. This is a known issue and will be addressed in succeeding game updates.


As we begin with the OBT phase, the game’s item mall is now available and functional. You may already purchase Level Up! prepaid credits and use them to further enhance your gaming experience. To load up and manage your account, please visit the Level Up! Play website.


And finally, to celebrate this milestone and show our appreciation for your support, we would like to invite you to Assault Fire Philippines’ Grand Launch Party on May 25, Saturday at SM Manila. This exciting event will be headlined by Assault Fire’s very first tournament, where we will be giving away P50,000 in cash to the winning team. Guests will also be treated to fun games, cosplay, a raffle contest sponsored by Razer, and a kickass performance by our special guest band.

Once again, we’d like to thank our amazing Assault Fire Philippines community for making our game the fastest rising online shooter game in the country. Maraming salamat at mabuhay kayong lahat!