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Palapit na palapit na ang Level Up! Live 2013! kaya yayain na ang buong barkada at mga ka-CLAN at sumali sa AF Guild Rally side event at manalo ng P5000 worth of LU Load.

Kitakits sa  July 6 , World Trade Center Metro Manila , Pasay City.


AF Guild Rally


1. This contest is open to all residents in the Philippines.
2. There is no age restriction and no purchase requirement to participate in this event.


1. Send the following requirements to GM Zhi  at live-rally@levelupgames.ph with the subject line “GUILD RALLY 2013 – [AF] – [Guild name]“

a. Game and server where your guild plays
b. Name of guild
c. Guild leader’s in-game name
d. Guild leader’s complete name in real life
e. Guild leader’s email address
f. Guild leader’s mobile number

2. Also in the same email message, please attach the following photos:

a. Real life guild picture – In-game screenshot and edited/composed photos will not be accepted. Picture must show the guild leader and at least 10 members together in one location.
b. Guild/clan logo – At least 300 dpi or 800×600 resolution, in JPG or PNG format.

3. Registrations with incomplete requirements will not be accepted.
4. Only the first 10 guilds per game will be allowed to participate in this side event.
5. A guild should only submit their entry for one game only. If a guild submits their entry for two or more games, the guild will be disqualified.

* For example, if Guild Leader A registered their Guild under Grand Chase named Guild A, he cannot register it again under Ragnarok if the guild name in Ragnarok is also Guild A and/or if Guild Leader B is the Guild Leader of Guild A.

6. Registered guild names should be existing in-game, if not, the guild will be disqualified.
7. Registration is from June 18, 2013 10:00 AM until June 21, 2013 at 7:00 PM only.


1. Go to Level Up! Live 2013 on July 6 at the World Trade Center Metro Manila in Pasay City.
2. All attendees will get an event pass which includes a guild rally voting stub.
3. Proceed to the guild rally voting area and drop your stub in your guild’s designated box.
4. One stub is equal to one vote only.
5. Attendees of LU! Live 2013 are allowed to vote from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM only. The boxes will then be retrieved by the organizer at the end of the voting period.
6. Guilds per game with the most number of votes will win the Best Guild award for their respective game.
7. The Guild with the most number of votes across all games will win the Guild of the Year award.


1. Winners will be announced on July 6, 2013 at the World Trade Center Metro Manila, during Level Up! Live 2013.

2. The 5000 worth of LU Card will be given to the Clan Leader as the prize for the AF Best Guild award.

3. AF will not participate to the Best Guild Overall.

CONTACT E-mail GM Zhi  at live-rally@levelupgames.ph for further inquiries.