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Manual Patch – v. Setup

What is a “manual patch”?

A manual patch is a series or batch file that is used to manually update software to the most current version without using any automated feature. This is most useful for those users having problem with the automatic updates due to a number of different reason. A manual patch can also be an .EXE or an executable file to make the manual patch at ease and lessen user error during the process.

Where can I download the manual patch?

Please download the manual patch here :AF Manual Patch

How to use the manual patch?

Once finished downloading the manual patch, please remember that Assault Fire’s manual patch is an executable file.

Manual Patch Compatibility: Be reminded that the manual patch is only usable for client with version

You may check the current version of your client on the lower right corner of your game launcher.


Step 1: Just double-click the manual patch’s icon to execute the file then you will see a system prompt.


Once you have seen this message, just click the next button to move forward unto the next step.

Step 2: Please accept the license agreement or the My Level Up! EULA, click I agree to continue. This means that you have agreed to the agreement between the user and publisher. We advise to read this for the full details.


Step 3: You will now be asked for the location or destination of the manual update. The default destination for the said update is shown in the image below. Click install to start the client update.

REMINDER: If you have installed Assault Fire to a different destination or folder, please use browse and target the exact location of the game.


Step 4: After choosing the right and exact destination for the update, the system will now start to update the client in the specified folder.


Once finished the system will prompt an Installation Complete message, click next for the last step of the manual patch installation guide.


Step 5: Congratulations! You have now completed the manual patch update from version to, click finish to launch Assault Fire’s updated client.


 Step 6: Upon launching the Assault Fire, the game client will now start to update the manual patch. Please disregard the Download speed and Time remaining indicated on the launcher since you already used the manual patch at please see image below in red box. The system is in fact just verifying the manual patch you have updated.

Updated launcher

After the client update you are now ready to play Assault Fire Online. We now welcome you the newest update for the Future of Firepower! Enjoy!


STEP 1: Download the latest Assault Fire client here.

STEP 2: Run AssaultFire.exe

 Assault Fire Installer

STEP 3: Follow the Steps in the Installer.


And wait for the installer to finish downloading.


After the download and installation…


AF-shortcutAfter the installation, simply start the game by double-clicking the Assault Fire PH shortcut on your desktop.

See you in the battlefield soldier!