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1. Type your desired nickname in the box provided.
2. Afterwards, click on the “confirm nickname” tab to check if the nickname is available.

Character creation

3. If the nickname that you have entered had already been chosen by another player, you will receive a message saying that it’s already taken and urging you to select a another.


4. If the nickname is available, you will receive a confirmation message. Click on the OK button to create your character.




● Fundamentals

Learn the basic controls and functions for both first-person and mech aspects of the game. Finish the tutorial to receive free GP (in-game cash).

novice guide

 Recommended Courses

Additional tutorials for PvP and PvE modes. Get a feel on how both modes are played and finish to receive  free GP (in-game cash).




  • Mall

user interface

You may purchase weapons and items by clicking on the Mall Button on the upper left corner of the user interface.

  1. Current in-game points available
  2. Available MP points available
  3. Top up cash available
  4. Weapon Tab. Click to view only weapons
  5. Item Tab. Used to view items only
  6. Avatar Tab. For viewing of avatars available for sale
  7. Price of weapon or item
  8. Contrast button. Used to compare guns stats with other guns
  9. Level/Rank Requirement


  • Storage

user interface 2

All items and weapons purchased may be found and equipped at the storage tab which is located next to the Mall tab.

  1. Bag slots (Different weapon load out per slot)
  2. Avatar equipped
  3. Beginner package containing guns which can be opened upon attainment of certain level
  4. Bag slot where gun or item is equipped
  5. Relieve Button used to unequipped weapon or item
  6. Repair button for weapons which have a permanent duration.



IV. Creating/joining a match


1. Select a server at the server List. The beginner channel is available for players with levels 1 to 15.

server list


2. Once you have entered the server of your choice, you may select which channel you wish to join by double clicking any of the available channel on the list.

server list 2


3. After selecting the channel you will be able to see the games that available along with their respective modes, maps and current players in a particular room.

room list


4. If you wish to create your own room, click on the create button at the room list.

create create


5. Once you are in the create room, you have the option to select the following:

  • Name of room
  • Mode
  • Map
  • Number of players
  • Match Rule (Whether the match victory will be based on time or number rounds)
  • Friendly Fire
  • Password protect


6. Once you have set all the conditions that you want, all you need is to click on the create button and the room will be available on the room list.

create new room


7. Once you are ready to start the game, simply click on the start button. You may also invite players to your room or even kick any players you don’t want to play with.

start game