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It’s October 2014. The month that is popularized by the event called “October Fest“. But here in AF, we can be a notch better, lets call this month “October Feast” because of the Goodies and Freebies that we will be sharing with you guys. Check […]

The Hammer has struck again. Some players just never learn, series of unscheduled random banning will be done to clean the game of its unwanted pollutants. In our effort to clean the game of Third Party Users and abusers once again, Assault Fire Philippines has […]

The Road to the MPGL Finals begins now, as the branches would know determine who would represent them to the MPGL AF Championships. This event will take place this Sunday, Oct 5, 2014,  and would also determine which team from Cebu and Cagayan de Oro […]

Hi AF Peeps, Please be advised that we will be having our Server Maintenance checking on Sept 24, 2014 at 12:00mn until 6:00am All those players who are already logged in before the Maintenance period would still be able to continue their play, but those […]