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Hi Comrades, We will be inserting the 3rd batch of our comrade packages today, July 18, 2014. This will be the 3rd batch since we first started last July 4, 2014. Again, if you haven’t received yours, it could be in the next coming batches. […]

Somethings aren’t meant to last forever, just like our summer sale. It will end today… as the discounted prices of our selected weapons are now PERMANENT. Yep, you heard that right, our discounted weapon prices isn’t discounted anymore since its now the default price amount. […]

We have a Special Treat for everyone this month, because starting this July, we will be having our Featured Player of the month Since we are all gentlemen here in the game, and chivalry still exist in everyone, our Featured player today is a Girl […]

Hi Comrades, 2nd Batch of Comrade Packs insertion happening today (July 11, 2014). If you’re one of the lucky ones to have migrated to Assault Fire Philippines, then I have great news for you. Our Comrade packages that came last July 4, 2014 will be […]