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Hi Comrades, If you’re one of the lucky ones to have migrated to Assault Fire Philippines, then I have great news for you. Our Comrade packages are coming in starting today (July 4, 2014) until next week. Our peeps here are all busy sorting out […]

TNC Cup last June 29,2014 was an intense battle for some of the teams out there, but team Wargods had it easy, as they were the only team to register at the P.Noval branch (and thus automatically qualify them for the branch championships later in […]

Last June 8, 2014 Pacific Internet held its 2nd Pacific Pro Circuit for Assault Fire The event was participated by a who’s who of AF Clans who are all poised to dominate this league. If you try to mention all the top clans around metro […]

Half of the year has already passed, and things are just about to get even better. Why do I say that? Well, lets welcome the month of July with an awesome tournament from Mineski the MPGL Season VI AF Pro-tour Leg 5, and it’s happening […]