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Hi AF Peeps, Please be aware that you may experience a slight latency spike (which could cause you to get disconnected on the game) on Sept 10, 2014 at 6:30am. Rest assured that this is only temporary and will only last for 5 minutes. Just […]

Hi AF Peeps, I have Good News (actually its Great News) and Slightly Bad News for everyone First let me tell you about the GOOD NEWS (para maiba) On Our FULL METAL Evolution patch you already know of the following 1. New Mode: Mech vs […]

Hi AF Peeps, I would like to inform you guys that AF PH Servers have finished it’s Server Optimization maintenance and are now open for public play. We here at Assault Fire Philippines would like to thank all those players who have waited for our […]

  Let’s start the month of September 2014 right, by cleaning the game of its unwanted pollutants. In our effort to clean the game of Third Party Users and abusers once again, Assault Fire Philippines has justĀ  banned 1,655 accounts that were caught using these […]