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As always, we will have a Special AF player that we will feature every month, someone who has achieved a milestone in the game of Assault Fire. And we have this player right this very moment  This player needs no introduction, as he has accomplished […]

It’s August !!! The 8th month of the year, and is considered to be the luckiest month in the Chinese Calendar because of the number 8 which also signifies unending and everlasting. And with the events we have for you guys this month, I am […]

Just a little reminder out there to ALL our COMRADES. LAST DAY of Insertion of  COMRADE Packages is on AUG 8, 2014 (FRIDAY). So I HIGHLY Recommend  to those na wala pa sa LEVEL 20, to start playing your accounts now, so that you may […]

Let’s start this August with an awesome E-Sport event that only Assault Fire can deliver, I present to you guys the MPGL Season VI AF Pro-Tour Leg 6 The AF Pro-tour will happen this August 3, 2014 (Sunday) at selected Mineski Infinity branches all over […]