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Assault Fire - Coming April 25

The wait is almost over! The Future of Firepower is almost here!  Assault Fire will open its servers to the public on April 25, 2013!

The launch of Beta will also be the kickoff for numerous exciting events like:

It’s time to try out Assault Fire’s unique features such as the exhilarating Defense Mode where you will be able to use a Mech to defend your base. Duke it out with other players in the Mech Mode as a human armed to the teeth to destroy Mechs or become a Mech driver and obliterate every human foolish enough to be in your path.

NO WIPE                                                                                                

No more need to wait for anything else…Assault Fire will have NO CHARACTER / NO ITEM WIPE when it goes live to the public on April 25. All progress, items, levels, and achievements will be kept!

The war is about to begin! Get ready and download the Assault Fire client today and register for an account now at http://levelupplay.ph

AF_calendar_april-may2013 No may 1

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